Landscaping Around Pools Is Not So Difficult

Landscaping Around Pools Is Not So Difficult

Whether you want to add some green around your pool or are planning to get one into your design, there are a few things you should know about landscaping around pools before you jump right into your project. If you don't have a pool yet, it's a great idea for enjoying your backyard in summer. Size is important when it comes to design, that's why it's advisable that you take measures of your backyard and get a basic idea of how big your pool or pools are going to be. Get your basic idea into a sketch first.

Design elements you should take into account:


The size and the use you're giving to your pool are essential when you think about privacy. You'll be more relaxed if you create a line of bushes to block the visual from the outside, or if you want to define areas in your yard. You can use hedges both for privacy and inviting your visitors' eyes into the pool. You can also plant some evergreen trees to provide some shade and more enjoyment to your pool design.

Animal Life

Water features will attract an array of animals, such as birds and insects, therefore making your landscaping design much more interesting. Fountains, birdbaths and ponds might attract wildlife for you to enjoy any time of the year. On the other hand, if you are not keen on attracting animals and insects to your pool, you can look for plants and even herbs that can ward off unwanted wildlife. This is especially useful if you want to keep your yard bugs-free.

Maintaining your pool

The good thing about plants around your pools, is that they will end up blending in with the rest of your design. Sometimes, they might end up overgrowing, so you need to get some info on how much they will grow and how you need to take care of them. If you are a bit short of time, look for plants and bushes that are easy to maintain. Getting a clear idea of how much time you can devote weekly will help a lot when planning your pond landscaping. Consider hiring a landscape care company if you need it.

Seasonal Changes

Now you have your design on paper, you have chosen the plants you want, and the water features you are going to install, don't forget that plants are living creatures that change over the year. Look for plants that will add to your design and will look nice all year round. Although it may take some time to find the right plants, this will be worthy in the end.

Planning your landscaping around pools beforehand and in detail, will give you thousands of days to enjoy in the future.
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