A Trampoline Buried?

A Trampoline Buried?

It is a well known fact that trampolining has gained in popularity over recent years but how many of us have thought about burying our trampoline. This idea is catching on and is not as obscure as it first seems. The idea is to bury the trampoline so that the bounce mat and the grass or area around it is level. There are a couple of ideal reasons for adopting this procedure.

Firstly, there is the importance of 3safety which should always be paramount whenever apparatus like trampolines are used. If the decision has been made not to have a trampoline enclosure then a mat, stationed at ground level, will help to reduce the risk of anyone falling off and getting injured.

Secondly, and somewhat less important than the safety aspect is that many parents although willing to have a trampoline in the garden may not wish for it to dominate the entire garden. Consequently burying the apparatus will make it far less obtrusive and in some instances practically invisible. Thus, everyone is a winner!

One small benefit, to the neighbours more than yourself, is that bouncing on a buried or sunken trampoline will mean more privacy for them as it will restrict the bounce and they will not have to sit in their garden watching you coming into view and then disappearing with every bounce. Burying the unit will also eliminate pets or small children from crawling underneath it whilst it is in use.

Having decided to adopt the burying method it goes without saying that there is going to be some hard work involved in preparing the site. Obviously the area needs to be level, surrounded by grass and have good drainage. It could be advantageous to spread gravel across the bottom of the hole to help with the drainage. Make certain that the legs avoid sitting in water so that there is no rusting of the frame. You must ensure it is nowhere near any sheds, walls or fences and certainly clear of any trees or overhanging branches. A tree may be small but it will shed its leaves and shelter birds at some time during the year and you want neither leaves or birds mess anywhere near the trampoline least of all over the jumping area.

Now comes the back aching part of digging the hole. Unless you have the odd digger lying around the garden this will take sweat, blood and tears but will be worth it in the long term. Let us assume for this example that we are excavating for a circular trampoline. You will need to dig a hole that is just in excess of the diameter of the trampoline. In other words if you have a circular 14 ft trampoline then the hole needs to be 14ft 6 inches across. This is a large amount of soil so before you start any digging make sure you have somewhere to put the surplus soil. Bear in mind what will happen should you decide to move house sometime in the future. Will you be taking the trampoline with you? If so then you need to hold on to the soil in order to refill the hole.

You may think that once the hole has been excavated all you need to do is place the apparatus into it and start jumping around. Wrong. There are several more eventualities to consider such as air movement, maintaining the hole and the maintenance of the hole.

Air movement sounds strange but in fact as you jump on the trampoline a large amount of air will be moved, in and out, of the hole. A gap of approximately two inches needs to be left around the trampoline. You could also settle the trampoline a couple of inches above the ground because insufficient airflow could impede the user. From a safety aspect make certain there is no gap between the ground and the trampoline's edge where small children might trap their legs or arms.

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Finally, whether your trampoline is above ground or buried it will still require maintenance. There are many ranges avaiable from UK retailers such as http://www.jumpster.co.uk/10ft-trampolines-with-enclosure/. At regular periods you will have to lift the entire trampoline from the hole so that the frame can be given a thorough check to ensure it is still okay condition wise.
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