ActiveX Error Keeps Showing Up? - I Will Tell You How to Fix ActiveX Error Now

ActiveX Error Keeps Showing Up? - I Will Tell You How to Fix ActiveX Error Now

Does ActiveX error keep on popping up and annoy you? You might be doing or job or watching your favorite show or playing or favorite game on your computer and there it is happening again... It may also cause internet explorer to crash or pages to be displayed incorrectly. It can manifest in many ways. Find out how to fix this annoying error and why it is happening in this article.

What causes ActiveX Error?

First of all you should be aware that ActiveX is a very important component of windows. It is part of the windows system. You should not by any means try to remove it since it will cause many other programs to stop working. Fixing ActiveX is much wiser than deleting it from your computer.

ActiveX works directly with system data in windows and is needed by many programs to work properly. After fixing many windows system error cases, I found that ActiveX's Errors are mostly caused by errors within system files or so called registry. ActiveX is highly affected even by a small glitch within system files because its heavy duty and it has to work directly with system data. So to fix ActiveX error you need to fix your system files.

Repairing system files can be done by editing registry and correcting the errors. However this job should not be done manually since system files are too fragile. Worry not since there is now a surefire way to repair them.

How to Fix ActiveX Error

The first step you can take to fix Active-X errors is resetting a system file which may be misconfigured. Follow these steps to reconfigure your system.

1. Go to the Start button
2. Choose Run
3. Type in: regsvr32 msxml3.dll
4. Click OK
5. Click OK again when prompted
6. Close all browser windows and reopen

If this first step does not work then you have a problem with your registry which causes ActiveX error.

Fixing registries will not guarantee the error to disappear but in most cases it will do the job. The whole process takes only a few minutes and is really worth trying. Repairing system files is actually a meticulous job but can be done easily with registry cleaning tools or programs.

Download the software for free and install it. Run a scan to see which registry needs repairing. When done scanning, registry cleaner will ask your permission to fix the errors found. After you finish this process ActiveX error will disappear and your programs will run smoothly once again.

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