Difference Between Content Writing and Blog Writing

Difference Between Content Writing and Blog Writing

Often, #articles and #blogs are so similar to each other that it becomes hard to tell the point of difference between the two. As a matter of fact, blogs have more leeway and may be of any length from 2-3 lines to video clips while articles are normally of more than 250 words and aim at being informative and content rich. While writing a blog or an article, one must keep in mind that #blogging have much greater possibilities as compared to article writing. As blogs invite greater scope for interaction with blog subscribers, Internet surfers and readers, it can conveniently be said that blogs are superior communication tools.

In addition to that, the bloggers often get to enjoy larger communities and social networks online, making it more experiencing for the blog authors. Indeed, some of the article writers also use blog specific content in their articles, but practically, articles are never suitable for blogs as they are generally much longer and are often clicked out by the readers. Blogs are generally short in length and the blog visitors are rarely in a mood to read a 300 word long article posted on a blog. Apart from that, blogging may work best with the more conversational blog posts as they are more suitable as communication mediums.

After all, blogs have unique roles in a #business as through them, the #visitors may often easily be converted and main challenge remains with raising awareness. Some of the differences between articles writing and blog writing are as follows:

#Blogs are more effective: There may be times when the writer can convey same meaning with much fewer efforts and fewer words. While blog writing, the writer can allow himself to be slipshod and blunt and clumsy with the wording and all he or she will receive are polite corrections from the readers. But this is not a case while article writing, one wrong statement can create a lot of havoc in the society.

Blog #writing is much easier: Blogs are almost always commodity content and there are limits to value a writer can provide with short comments on someone else's work. These blog posts are easier to write, generate short-term web traffic and controversy. The readers may be disappointed when they search for a thing and get to a short post that took place some years before. The reference has been given to users' experience and content style and not to technology used for serving up the content. Thus, an article can be hosted on weblog services and the matter of significance is the user's experience and immersion in the comprehensive treatments of the topic, in comparison to blog style sequence of frequent and short postings giving comments on hot topics of the day. No matter which software program has been used for hosting content, the distinctions lie in superficial vs in-depth, secondary/ derivative vs primary/ original, driven by expertise of the author vs reflectively driven through outside events and other sites.

There are different ways of measuring expertise: The expertise of the writers can be measured by intelligence, experience, education, professionalism, methodology and a willingness to remain open and frank. The writers can show their expertise through articles and not by blogs.

Blogs are variable in quality: If 1000 people write blogs, all of them will follow broader distribution of data and this is because the blogs quality is not definite. This difference in quality is due to many reasons: some people spend some time while blog writing while others do that within a minute and some writers have good knowledge about the topic while others may know nothing but still want to make presence over the Internet by writing a blog.

Difference in content usability: Article writing needs an article to be stuffed with modeling, concepts, theories, utility functions and standard deviations and is difficult for normal readers to easily understand. While blog writing needs fewer words, written in easy and conversational language and thus are easy to understand by the readers. Article writing is done more professionally with a chunk of material, highlighted keywords, bulleted lists, descriptive subheads and headings and also hyperlinks.

Thus depending upon your purpose, target readers and usability, you must choose article writing or blog writing so that you can become a successful and effective writer.

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