DIY: What to Do Before Painting a Room

DIY: What to Do Before Painting a Room

Clueless about what to do before painting a room? Painting is a doable job but the consequences arising from an efficient job can be undesirable. Many dissatisfying paint jobs arise from failing to prepare your room, paint and yourself properly. Prevent that from happening to you on your next paint job - here are 9 things you should before painting a room.

1. Safety

Did you know? The most common reason for a non-fatal injury at home is due to falls - a large percentage of them at home. Before you start painting, take safety precautions as seriously as you would any other steps. Something you can do is to buy or borrow a sturdy ladder which will not give way. Invest in ones with an in-built shelf that you can store your paint bucket and tools in.

2. Attire

Another step in preparing yourself for the paint job is to dress appropriately. Painting can be a messy affair, not to mention one with permanent consequences. To prevent paint splattering onto your favorite clothes and shoes, dress in old clothes and trainers that you won't mind getting paint on.

3. Preparing

Before actually applying paint, you need to have your paint prepared. By prepared, we mean making your color selection, sampling them onto your wall and finding the right sheen for the wall color.

A frustrating problem that can surface later on would be when your paint runs out before the walls are done. To avoid this, make sure cross-check the surface area of your walls with the estimates printed on the paint can. Just to be sure, plan for a couple of coats and then some for touch-ups in spite of what the product promises.

4. Moving

Naturally, important furniture, equipment and others have to be moved out of the way before you start. Roll out carpets and rugs and place them in another room. For everything else, you can lay newspapers on the ground and push furniture into the center. Cover them with a dust sheet so they will be shielded from the painting process.

5. Wash

Want your DIY paint job to be flawless? Wash those dirty walls! Dust, dirt and grease spots can get in the way of your fresh paint from sticking properly. Not following this step can result in some serious disappointment. You're investing all that time and energy to it anyway, so what's an additional cleaning step?

You can wash walls using a cellulose sponge and soapy mixture of water and soap. Experts normally use TSP or trisodium phosphate, but the safety risk it carries requires you to take even more precautions.

6. Prime

The only way to promise yourself a gratifying result is by priming. Priming beforehand allows you to work on a fresh, unsullied platform. When you finally apply the paint, the superior bonding property of a primer allows the paint to stick smoothly onto the wall, and for a very long time.

7. Tape

For obvious reasons, use a masking tape, tape the trim, door frames and windows. After you've combed every corner, remove the tape immediately. This ensures you don't peel off any paint along with it.

8. OR Redo

If you're not up to the task of taping your room, you can always choose to redo the entire room's paint - trim and all. You can go about by painting the trim and ceiling first without taping. Any imperfections like drips or smudges can be concealed later on by fresh paint.

9. Time

Lastly, keep in mind that painting, while being a manageable task, is definitely going to take up a considerable amount of your time and energy. Expect to take anything from a day to a week (depending on the size of your project) to complete it.

Remember that painting is not for everyone. If you do not think you can commit to these tasks prior to painting, it's best to avoid an appalling outcome and hire a professional instead.


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