Ebooks on Birdwatching

Ebooks on Birdwatching

Birdwatching or Birding is a recreational activity, which is enjoyed by many individuals. There are several ebooks available on birdwatching by different authors, which are full of information about different birds. Of all parrots are considered to most attractive by the author Joseph M. Forshaw. In his ebook, Parrots of the World, the author has covered all 356 species of this endangered bird. The author has also described the subspecies of the birds in accordance with their geographical distribution. It includes Afro - Asian, Australasian and Neotropical species of the birds. Starting from the attributes, the author has covered their distribution pattern, subspeciation, status and habitat. The book serves as a guide for all the parrot lovers.

Author Mike Unwin, in his Ebooks on Bird Watching - The Atlas of Birds, has described the diversity of the birds and the places where these birds are found. The author illustrates their behavioural adaptations, feeding habits, flight, and nest building. In separate sections of the book, the author has described the prime factors, which are responsible for the distribution of the birds, including after effects of deforestation, climate change and cage bird trade. The author also explains the relationship between the humans and the birds and has included the data of poultry farming and birdwatching. For the readers, this book proves to be a colourful voyage to the beautiful world of the birds.

The Biggest Twitch is an interesting journey of two authors, namely Ruth Miller and Alan Davies, who sold their house, quit their jobs and went out for breaking the record for seeing number of bird species in a year. The ebook elaborates, their journey, challenges and expeditions covering Argentina, Ethopia, Arizona and Australia. Readers who are interested in birdwatching can refer to this book to know facts about the birds. Many of the readers now - a - day prefer Ebooks on Bird Watching over traditional books, owing to the convenience associated with these. Readers can easily carry these ebooks together as these are read on electronic devices like smartphones, ebook readers and tablets.

Another book in the similar domain is The Birds of New Jersey, which is written by William J. Boyle Jr. In the region of New Jersery more than 450 species of birds are found. But, none of the books cover the relevant information on birds found in this place. In his book The Birds of New Jersey, the author has detailed information about all the species of the birds of New Jersey starting from the birds found in pre - historic times till today. In this book readers can find all the information about geography of the state, records of birds, account of the species found in the region, with a long bibliography, illustrating the source of the information. Birders can find several other Ebooks on Bird Watching written by different authors.

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