Everything You Should Know About Video Hosting

Everything You Should Know About Video Hosting

When you want your website to focus on video content for marketing your products and services, then choosing a hosting provider that integrates quick and reliable video hosting features is an important step towards offering your viewers with convenient video streaming benefits. With a generation that has become reliant on YouTube among other online video repositories to find entertainment and useful tutorials or guides before deciding on a purchase:

A handful of video hosting providers offering a wide variety of features and benefits have emerged. As a Web developer, you may want to carefully choose and balance these features to ensure business success.

Some video hosting providers may use your video to earn additional profits, though keep in mind that this is always not a one-way type of profit generation. The host would give you a cut on income generated from advertisements that were embedded on your video. Although the commission that you get may not be that much, it still is a good source of additional income. In relation to embedding, some sites may allow your videos to be embedded on many different sites, including social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. This allows you wider audience reach, unless you choose to target and keep it limited to a certain niche market. Also, in cases where your video can only be viewed on your site, other hosts provide you an option to set it on private or allow a certain number of users to access it.

Video hosts use players that allow them to place an ad beside the content or place watermarks of their logo on the video itself while it streams. These things cannot be overlooked, especially if you want your videos to be presented in a professional manner and as your own. You can definitely do an upload test and check how your videos will play. While doing these, you may also want to check the other videos that are being hosted by the same provider just to see if you are ready to be associated with the content of these other videos.

Most video hosts also review its content before it gets uploaded. They would of course would not want to get penalized for copyright infringement or inappropriate content. This is not to say that you would have such videos, but what's important to determine in relation to this is the time it takes your provider to review and upload your videos. The turnaround time varies from host to host, but would usually be 24 to 48 hours.

Owners of video sites should pay attention to the agreement or contract that you enter with the video hosting provider, especially the part where rights to the video are stipulated. Of course, you would want to retain the ownership and rights to your original video content.

After carefully evaluating these pre-requisites, then you can move on to the more technical aspects of getting a video host. The first among this is the video file size. Some hosts have no file size limits, but the usual downside to this is the time it takes to process and upload your videos. Other video hosting service providers impose a file size limit, so you should consider compressing your videos before uploading it, which most of the time could affect its quality. If this is the case, then it's good to know how your host can compress the video. There is a number of video compression software available in the market that these hosts can use. Other things to consider include:

Video and audio alignment. Is the audio ahead of the video frames or lags behind it? Are those hosted videos clear and crisp, or are they pixilated and dark? Another technical aspect that you must not overlook is the modification capabilities given to you by the host. There are providers that allow you to enhance your videos by adding tags, narration or even pictures. All of these depend on the technology that your host uses. Again, you can ask the provider about this capability before opening an account with them. You don't want to be tied up on a contract and realize that you have to remove, re-edit and re-upload a video because of minor tweaks that you have to do. In relation to this:

Check the video file formats supported by your video hosting provider. This is essential because you may have created a video in a format that's not compatible to the technology implemented by your video hosting provider. In effect, you would have to re-do the video and this will waste your precious time. Some of the most common video file formats are.mov for QuickTime and.wmv for Windows Media.

Other hosts allow you to directly upload videos from a mobile phone or a camera. In terms of storage, you may be limited to a certain collective file size for all your videos, but almost all providers restrict their users to the quantity and size of their videos. If you think that you need more space without having too many issues on downtime or video streaming lags, then you may want to choose a provider using powerful and reliable Web servers. Doing this will save your time and effort of deleting old videos and uploading new ones. There are also hosts that offer unlimited storage, but this usually has a downside of not knowing exactly when your site could suddenly be down or inaccessible to your viewers.

Related to video hosting storage features is bandwidth. Since high quality videos have larger file sizes and use more bandwidth than other types of files, it is important for your video hosting provider to be capable of easily adjusting to the speed that your videos need in terms of streaming it from your site and uploading it from your home or office computer to your Web server.

Most video hosts rely on CDN or Content Delivery Networks to speed up the process and have your videos cached in many servers spread throughout several locations. This enables them to deliver the content quick enough to the Web browsers of users in an area where there is a CDN server.

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