FAQs on Tractors for Sale

Here are some of the top frequently asked questions on tractors and their sale - both new and second-hand.

Where can I find tractors for sale?

There are specialist dealers who offer a wide range of this type of equipment including tractors.

These are typically new #machines or sometimes excellent quality #pre-used models. You can also purchase them privately from farmers looking to sell their equipment or in some cases from public auctions of agricultural equipment.

Which is likely to be the cheapest source?

It's really impossible to say in general terms.

Different people and different outfits will have very #different deals on offer at a given time.

What is important when you are thinking about tractors for sale, if they are second hand, is that it is imperative to be clear on the condition of the machine and what post-sales maintenance and support you are likely to get. If you are purchasing second-hand from a private individual or public auction, the answer to that question is likely to be zero.

It's worth keeping in mind.

What should I look for in a second-hand tractor?

Space here doesn't really allow the production of a full #technical manual of things to look for but in general they can all be summarised under the simple heading of 'condition'.

Much of your review will be common sense, taking into account things such as the age of the tractor, the conditions it's been used under, just how much wear and tear it's apparently suffered over time and so on.

There is a whole range of electrical, #mechanical and hydraulic issues that you will need to check out thoroughly. If you are not comfortable with some of the engineering involved, then either take an expert with you to assess the tractor on your behalf or if that's not possible, consider going to a reputable dealer in second-hand tractors and looking to them to issue some form of guarantee.

Just as is the case with a car purchase, don't be unduly swayed by the external appearance of second-hand tractors for sale.

You need to get into the nitty-gritty detail to be sure!

Can I get spare parts for most makes?


Having said that, it's perhaps worth keeping in mind that some professional providers of equipment may be rather better supplied with spares for some makes than others. This is an important point when selecting either a new or second-hand tractor and it's worth having some extensive discussions with the seller on this subject - well in advance of handing over your money.

How easy is it to get finance?

That depends very much upon your individual financial circumstances. It is possible to get financial help from some banks and other specialized providers for things such as purchases, leasing, lease-purchases and so on.

It's a fairly complicated business but one that most farmers will probably already be relatively familiar with, as running almost any sort of business these days usually requires at least some help from a financial institution.

In some cases, loans may be rather more readily available for new as opposed to second-hand equipment. That depends upon the policies and philosophies operated by the lenders concerned.

Sometimes the person offering tractors for sale may also be able to give you further advice on potential sources of financing.

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