Free Webmaster Tools For Optimizing Web Search Engine Ranking For Your Websites and Blogs

Free Webmaster Tools For Optimizing Web Search Engine Ranking For Your Websites and Blogs

When the web was at infant stage, the search engine field was at nascent stage too and not dominated by any search engines as today. You could easily count the names of search engines, for example AltaVista, Excite, Lycos, Infoseek, HotBot and WebCrawler. The drawback of the absence of a good search engine was that you had to submit a query to all the engines and hope for best. One benefit was that the results spawned many different locations in the web and you could count on a good find from the spawned search results. The advent of powerful search algorithms and #GoogleBot from #Google has however altered the scenario. Web search engine rankings have become altogether a different ball game where you have to constantly strive for good page rankings. The names of search engines may be more or few but you have to be aware of the might #Google all the time.

Can you be oblivious of the web search engine ranking?
A very good question indeed, maybe you do not have to worry to submit your website to all the search engines but you have to worry about Google. Google's presence is unquestionable in the web and you really cannot ignore the influence it has on search pages and page rankings. Google's reach is far greater, it partners with various sites and companies to use the Google index results, including the heavyweight AOL company.

Naturally you will be eager to know how best to optimize search engine ranking for your website to be in the top pages of Google's web search engine ranking. Google's perception of your site is increasingly more essential because it drives the web traffic to your web pages. It simply translates to the fact that you have to abide with the world's most sophisticated SEO algorithm or you risk your site of not being identified by it.

SEO Tools for Webmasters to Improve Web Search Engine Ranking
Google helps you with number of webmaster tools to help understand how your website or blog fares in the World Wide Web. While not all search results give away the best content, Google is constantly upgrading to deliver the best relevant content to its global users and combating spam in its own way by continuously improving the algorithms.

Google Sitemaps
Google's sitemap offers detailed reports for the webmasters who are interested in web search engine ranking,identifying when Google last crawled their web pages and if there were any errors encountered in this process. It also gives a comprehensive report of what all pages were crawled. You need to arrange your site neatly and comprehensively to generate an efficient sitemap in order for the Google spider to crawl all your pages. If you are wondering what a sitemap is - a sitemap is a technically generated XML file which gives information of all web pages, when they were generated, the metatags, the description etc. In addition to the detailed information, you can also find reports about your site's ranking in Google's index for various keywords. Sitemap also features a tool to analyze the robots.txt file in case you do not want any information in private sections to be discovered by the GoogleBot.

Google Analytics
This is a fantastic free web traffic analysis tool to improve your web search engine ranking and help you visualize your website's incoming traffic with keywords. Instead of relying on web logs generated by your hosting web server, you can use a few lines of JavaScript on every page of your website to let Google track your traffic. Remember, too many JavaScripts on your site makes the access to your web pages slow and the performance can suffer. Use it diligently wherever necessary.

In essence, the names of search engines will differ in present, past and future but #GoogleBot is something that we have to live with and adhere to some more time in the future.

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