Horse Racing: How To Pass Or Play Races

Horse Racing: How To Pass Or Play Races

The secret of how to pass or play races is that there are two main parts to racing: handicapping and profitcapping. Each one these halves have their own points on how to pass or play races. If you want to make money in racing you must select each race you play carefully. With Profitcapping this is to see beforehand that: (1) the odds on the horses you're handicapping methods has picked for you have large enough odds to give you a profit. (2) that the race itself no matter what horses come across the wire that their odds must be large enough to give a profit.

To continue: (3) how to determine beforehand the money to be made from any combinations of horses. (4) how to tell how much money will be in the payouts at zero minutes to post. The matter becomes: how does a player learn to tell approximately how much money will be in the payouts? (5) it must be known by zero minutes to post or 60-90 seconds before the gate opens. Within that time the player must decide to pass or play the race and buy a ticket or not because each horse will give out a specific payout.

Those payouts can be small, medium, large or extra-large (where all long shots come in). One of the best ways to make money in racing is to find and pass all small and extra-large payouts. The goal is to find and get all medium and large payouts. Small payouts give virtually no profit and is the easiest to get. Extra large payouts are rare and very hard to get. Not impossible but very hard. By knowing Profitcapping and handicapping well it will help the player get medium and large payouts which will produce a profit.

To continue: (6) you must know by how much the odds on the tote board will change from zero minutes to post to final odds or when the race is over. This is called odds fluctuation because odds on the tote changes every 60-90 seconds depending on the track. There are 2 types of pass or play of races: (a) pass or play a specific race or (b) pass or play a race card for the whole day for a particular track. A player has lots of choices because multiple tracks can be played. (7) know what bet types will give a profit for a particular race. Money is based on tote odds. Pass or play is part of both handicapping and profitcapping.

With handicapping it's a matter of pass or play a race(s) because: (1) its made of too many first time starters and there's too little information. (2) all of the horses have identical strengths making it hard to choose one or more contenders. Some races need to be worked on individually. (3) what is the pace shape of the race or how is the run styles (early speed, early presser, presser, closer or sustainer) matched up and is its race shape a fast or early structure? Also find false favorites, using form, speed, bounce, turn time, special moves in last race, overlays, etc. Along with mystery horses, no horse competed in similar race conditions, 4 or more first time starters with seasoned runners, handicapping odds (not profitcapping) too low. Unplayable races are where there are too many unknowns, unmeasurable and unpredictables. This is partially how to pass or play races.

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