How Many Blogs Should You Have?

How Many Blogs Should You Have?

One popular way to make money on the Internet today is blogging. One question some people wonder about is how many blogs they should start and try to keep up with?

In this article we will give you a couple of different viewpoints and then let you decide for yourself!

1. When it comes to the number of blogs you have some people feel you should take a "you get more with less" philosophy. People that do well with this sort of philosophy are ones who enjoy blogging and want it to be a #personal experience.

They may start their #blog around an area of expertise or passion, and look forward to working on it every day. These type of blogs are maintained by people who would blog whether they were making any money with it or not.

Because you can develop your blog into anything you want it to be this is a smart way to approach blogging. Because you will continue to add fresh content on a consistent basis this is also an excellent long-term approach to blogging.

People who take the philosophy of having been a fewer number of blogs are the ones who learn how to develop them from a search engine optimization standpoint as well. These people continue to add content based around keyword phrases the search engines like and their visitors are searching for.

This allows them to develop a very large blog which can create income in many different ways. One popular way to make money with the blog of this style is to sell advertising and this is a very hands-off approach to making money every month.

2. The second philosophy when it comes to #blogging is to start and maintain a high number of blogs. People who choose to do this philosophy are ones who are looking at markets where people are spending a lot of money.

They do not really care about the theme of the blog, as much as they care about the market it will be in. They will monetize their blog with high selling affiliate products with the single purpose of trying to make as much money from their blog is possible.

Digital information products from ClickBank work very well with this type of philosophy because there are thousands of them ready for you to sell right now. Some people even choose to start their blog based around popular selling ClickBank ebooks.

To determine how many blogs you should have it will be important for you to look inside yourself and determine what your personal goals are. Do you want to build a #blogging empire with a high number of blogs, or do you want to develop one blog into a high traffic one around an area of passion or expertise?

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