How Safe Are Tourists From Crime in Florida Theme Parks

When we plan to take our family anywhere one of the major considerations is always going to be how safe that place is from crime. Over the last few years we've heard several stories of high-profile violent crimes, and it might be logical to wonder if that crime would spill over into places we would take our families, such as the #theme #parks and beaches. Off the top, it's pretty safe to say that it is in the best interests of the tourism industry to make sure their venues are safe.

In looking over some of the old articles on Florida crime, I was rather amazed to see what the crime situation was in Florida 20 years ago. Actually, the situation in Florida at that time was not good, which reflects what the situation was in most areas of the country at that time. It doesn't draw a lot of publicity now because it's not eye-catching news, but crime statistics have been dropping everywhere, and that includes Florida. Certainly there are certain areas that you don't want to go if you want to avoid crime.

But it seems like today you have more chance of being attacked by the pirates in the ride "Pirates of the Caribbean" at Disney World then by some random act of violence. Every one of the theme parks knows that the bad publicity that could come with any incident of a visitor being attacked would do immeasurable harm to their brand. As a result the security at each one of the parks is incredibly high.

But there is another thing at work, and it makes for a paradox situation for the theme #parks. The State of Florida grants rather heavy tax breaks for #businesses that claim to be a part of an "urban high-crime area". This of course means that they have to claim that they are in a high crime area to get these tax breaks, and at the same time convince the public that they are in a crime free environment. To be sure these are not high crime areas, and it is probably not right that they are able to claim they are to help their bottom line. However, you can't really hold it against them for taking advantage of a poorly thought-out law.

But all of that isn't really important to the #visitor that wants to be sure that the family is safe. When you get into these well-run parks, there is probably not a safer place in the world that you can be.

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