How to Create Your Home Sanctuary With Chaise Lounge Chairs

How to Create Your Home Sanctuary With Chaise Lounge Chairs

Imagine sprawling back in total comfort with your feet up sipping a sundowner, reading a book or just enjoying the sunset or a picture on the wall.

As a way to sit down with your feet up or just kick back in total comfort, you really can't beat a chaise lounge chair.

A chaise can be used for an afternoon siesta or just a place to sprawl and read or think. It's the most relaxation-inducing item of furniture on the market.

Having one of these stylish furniture pieces can transform your living room, bedroom, study, spare room, backyard or patio or conservatory into the perfect relaxation zone.

They also add an unique sense of style to any home. You can't beat them for sheer classic elegance, as Hollywood legends well knew. You can just imagine Garbo draped over one.

So what exactly is a chaise lounge?

The phrase comes from the French for 'long chair' which pretty much sums up what it is. The French popularized this form of furniture centuries ago and the concept crossed the ocean to the United States with immigrants.

In today's homes, they're popular indoors as daybeds or comfy reading chairs, or outside on the patio, or by the pool as sunbathing beds, or just places to stretch out and unwind.

They were traditionally made of wood but today are made in wrought iron, aluminum and plastic as well. These materials are especially popular for outdoor use as they can resist the elements.

Wood is still a popular material especially teak, wicker and rattan. Teak is the most handsome of woods with its dark sheen while wicker has a nostalgic colonial appeal. Wooden loungers are perfect from both indoor and outdoor use.

Chaise loungers have adapted well with changing times and styles and nowadays an array of modern chaise lounge are available crafted from tubular steel and leather and futuristic in design.

So if you want a home with a difference that's the perfect sanctuary to relax, look into getting a chaise lounge. They are truly versatile pieces of furniture that potentially could be used in any room in your home.


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