How to Find the Best Design Build Contractor in Jacksonville

How to Find the Best Design Build Contractor in Jacksonville

In order to find the best design build contractor in Jacksonville or any design build contractor an owner must first start with an idea of what they want. A contractor would call this the specifications. With that being stated it is best to start with the function of the building. First you have to define the use or purpose of the building. For example you require a multi use facility with office space and retail space. In order to facilitate a multi use building such as office space and retail you have to first consider local zoning for the property the building is to be built. Most localities set limits on property usage. In our example we are going to say the local zoning calls for a limited use structure that includes office space and retail space with a limited building size of twenty thousand square foot up to three stories high. Now that we have our first specification we can look in further detail at what portion we want to build out as office space and what portion we want to build as retail space. For our case we are going to say we want to build seventy percent of the building as retail space and thirty percent as office space. Now we have our second specification. It is important to note that the zoning allows for a three story building but is not something you want to lay out in your bid proposal because the higher you go the more expensive it can get and being that it is a design build project you should leave as many options open in order to get the most cost effective proposal. In most cases you will be working with a design build team because most building contractors do not have in house designers and will be teaming with an architectural firm to compete for the project. Now we have all we need to send out a bid proposal. We can now put together a bid package reflecting our general specifications but the key question is how do we get the best design build contractor in Jacksonville? In order to reach this goal we need to set up bid guide lines. These guide lines are set-up to protect your investment. One thing you can do is require a performance bond. The performance bond will raise the price of the project by about five percent but it provides you with assurance that whoever you choose will complete the project. Other things to consider are performance incentives. In the design build process you should set up the bidding processes in order to layout your budget. The stricter the guidelines are the closer you come to reaching your goal of finding the best contractor. The building of a projects bidding process needs to provide three things of great importance to reaching the goal of finding the best design build building contractor. They are time, budget and quality. Time is your schedule and your budget forecast for the contract payments as well as your budgeted time in order to have use of the building. Budget is your budgeted cost for the building and time not having use of the building. Once you break ground it is costing you money not being able to use the building. It is also costing the contractor time so time is always of the essence. Quality is not only the quality of craftsmanship but it is also the building contractor's ability to communicate clearly with you in order for you to properly forecast your budget needs and timing needs. With a thorough bid package you will reach your goal of finding the best local design build contractor.
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