Latest Picture of the Publishing Industry As in 2014

Publishing companies in the United Kingdom are widely turning into offering self publishing, as it becomes the current trend in the intellectual culture, where writers are becoming self sufficient and are willing to pay to get their books on the book shelf and acquire their own revenue out of it.
Digital prepress is the simultaneous name of traditional prepress, as traditional printing is having a pragmatic opponent with self publishing. However, as self publishing authors are predominantly those who are unwilling to find a spot in the traditional publishing sector, and that virtually regulates to those writers who are subjugated to a certain genre or typecast, the over hyped rumor of traditional publishing going down on self publishing might be a rumor after all.
However, self publishing companies are securing a significant stronghold as never before, with digital markets, and e-book publishing being a major process of conduction lately. Now people rather use bookstores to hangout and fancy, while e-books are purchased at a large sum from e-commerce websites like Amazon; Google Store; Good reads and many more.

Even a decade ago, self published authors acquired a corner seat in the cultural society, that was hardly ever noticed or attended by genuine reviewers and neither did the self published books were available in the bookstores so that readers could browse about.
The books required avid and proper marketing to get recognition and it was the author's sole responsibility to find a distributor. Usually mainstream top notch bookstores weren't exhibiting self published books and it was those bookstores that had the maximum footfall of readers and the audience of an author to get due recognition.
Thinks might not have changed as drastically for the self publishing industry, but with the flourishing of e-book sales and e-commerce portals for bookstores, the industry has certainly found a better platform to make a profitable revenue and recognition.

The criterions of self publishing are still the same, that the author has to pay for the entire publishing, prepress services, and marketing plans, and really push the limits on their own, but now things have become more visible, that the authors are now gaining the attention of many, if not equally, of genuine reviewers as much like a traditional published author.

When it comes to traditional publishing and offset printing and typesetting process and the whole plethora of it, it is definitely getting some tough competition from the self publishing industry in terms of new independent authors of fiction and niche genres. It narrows to the strength of a voice.
The competition is more significant with small to medium self publishing houses, and it is the bigger sector of the revenue, printing industry that is having a downfall of revenue with the e-publishing and digital prepress solutions being the over taker as in the year 2014.
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