Mobiles Phones; All Shapes and Sizes

If you're like me, you'll be hard pushed to make a list of the different types of mobile phones [] available right now. Mobile manufacturers are working tirelessly to find a new phone that will revolutionise the market and now it seems that Apple are ready to do just that.

One of the most popular types of mobile phones we'll be heading out to buy this year is the touchscreen phone. Although amazing as it first looked, Apple's iPhone wasn't the first mobile to try to embrace this technology; it was LG's release of the Prada phone that truly stirred the market and many expect to see more phones released over the next twelve months.

Whilst there are new phones being released almost daily, the Candybar style phone, rectangular and in keeping with the original mobile designs, still continues to be well received. Mobile phone manufacturers have always adapted this style of phone, offering users the chance to customise their phone with interchangeable fascias and other personal touches. Sony Ericssson has been the one to consistently adapt the way they style this type of phone, recently reducing the phones to an almost credit card style shape, as well as adding powerful camera's and xenon flashes that haven't been seen before.

So, how about the flip/folding phone? The style icon of it's day, now widely available; people find themselves choosing other phones as features prove more popular. Motorola has been particularly successful with its RAZR phone, again choosing to go for a slim look and releasing vibrantly coloured and special edition phones.

It's not just features and fashion that influence the public though; remember the popular Matrix films and that infamous Nokia slide phone? One manufacturer that has built its brand on this style of phone is Samsung and has done well from it, continuing to release new innovative models, meaning it can keep on competing with its rivals.

What's apparent is that even if you're choosing from some of the cheap mobile phones out there today, you're not going to be spared the ever advancing technology of our mobile phones.

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Gary Parsons is a UK based writer with experience in the telecommunications industry.
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