Motel KPI for Finance and Overall Lodging Management

Motel KPI for Finance and Overall Lodging Management

We all want to make our work easier and that includes the motel managers. If you are one of them, you surely want to get a hold of the key statistics that will tell you about the performance of your company. This can be easily obtained through the use of motel KPI or key performance indicators for motels. Whether or not you are positioned as the motel manager for the finance department or you are the operation manager who is in charge of all the processes within the organization, it does not matter. This is because the motel KPI can help you keep track of any area in the business efficiently.

Motel KPI for finance and motel administration can be about the cash position at bank. This is an example of a key performance indicator for the finance department of a motel wherein you will be able to learn how much you still have available after you have reconciled your check book. This is a good measure that will keep you updated about the money that you still own even after you have paid your dues or loans from the bank.

Meanwhile, if you are from the operations department or that you are responsible of checking the processes within the enterprise, you can use stock-take discrepancies as one of your measures. This is an effective motel KPI that will aid you in monitoring the efficiency of all the departments in the company. In addition to that, this is one of the rare motel administration indicators that put the administrative systems in the right position. However, you should keep in mind though that this type of indicator needs to be simple and easy for your staff to understand. This way, the results will be obtained quickly and defining the impact of the results will also be effortless.

Apart from the KPIs that have been mentioned above, you can use other indicators for motel accommodation including total accounts due which will state the amount that you still owe, the total accounts payable, which is usable for those that have large motels especially those that contain restaurants and return on investment. Return on investment or ROI is a common motel KPI that will tell you about the profit that your motel makes. This is gauged as a return on the percentage of the amount that you have invested on it. This will tell you whether or not your income is sufficient.

You can also monitor the efficiency of your processes and your financial department through the use of taxes owed and sales and costs. Taxes owed motel KPI is employed to monitor the taxes that are not paid by the time that they are collected. Thus, this will tell you how much money you have to pay at a given point in time so that you will not spend the cash. Sales and costs motel KPI shows the actual figures in comparison to the allocated budget of the firm for a particular period. If you want to see the real figures and percentages, you can use this as one of your motel administration indicators.

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