Popular Mobile Stores in Durgapur

Popular Mobile Stores in Durgapur

West Bengal is the land of opportunities, but unfortunately political and social upheavals have always contributed to the negative growth of its economy. The recent controversy over the prospective industrial setups in Haldia and Singur has dissuaded many industries from investing in the state. In spite of all this, other industrial destinations in West Bengal like Asansol and Dugrapur have gained success in terms of both inland and foreign investments. Now if we talk particularly about Durgapur, it has been ranked as one of the fastest growing towns in the eastern region. The town is also famously known as the steel city of eastern India. The rising per capita income of the people has led the establishment of various big malls and multiplexes in Durgapur.

The steel city is also a famous shopping hub for people residing in its adjoining areas. It cannot be denied that during festive occasions buyers from the surrounding regions converge here to purchase the best bargained consumer goods. For instance, in the recent past the demand for the consumer electronics have raised tremendously and today there is no dearth of electronic shops in the town. In the era of information technology (IT), the world has turned into a global village and Durgapur in not lagging any behind in providing the best IT products and services to its people. Today, there are an ample number of computer and mobile stores established here. Especially, in the past couple of years, the demand of consumer electronics has grown meteorically and hence one may find many mobile stores in Durgapur.

Actually in the times of globalization, a cell phone, or a smartphone to become more precise, has become an integral part of one's life. In today's cutthroat competition, a call or a message missed is equivalent to an opportunity lost. Again, this multimedia set is also important for those who want to keep themselves updated with the latest apps and technologies developing every moment in different corners of the world. Mobile stores in Durgapur are mostly located in Benachity and Chandidas areas - the two major market places in the town. To name a few which have flourished significantly in the recent past are Baba Telecom, Balaji Telecom, Choudhary Mobile Care, Mobile Point, and Mullick Watch in the Benachity market. Simultaneously, reliable mobile stores are also established in the Chandidas market including Collection, Durgapur Mobile Shop, Mobile Centre and Sneha Multimedia.

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