Recreational and Aggressive Skates - Choosing the Right One

Recreational and Aggressive Skates - Choosing the Right One

There are both recreational and aggressive skates on the market.

If you plan on playing hockey or competing in an ice skating competition then you need to have a pair of aggressive #skates. If however, you just want to enjoy a day of ice-skating then a pair of recreational skates is most likely what you need.

There are also skates for different reasons. For example you might decide to roller blade or go roller-skating and you'll need to find which skate is most appropriate.

Regardless of whether you choose recreation or competition, you'll find that there are all manner of skates to suit your purposes.

#Skating for Leisure - What to look out for?

Finding a pair of skates that are comfortable to wear is key to enjoying skating for leisure. Skates as you may be aware have different styles and built for different pursuits.

For instance with roller-skating, you really want to have a skate with good wheels. If you are a beginner, you want a wheel that offers more stability for balance. If you are experienced and enjoy skate dancing, you want a skate with wheels that allow for easy turning and show some flexibility.

Roller-blading skates have a strong and sturdy boot than a single blade with rollers. These skates are great for outdoor use for fun or sport. 

For ice-skating, you want one with a sturdy boot. You can find double blades or single blades. The most important thing is the boot. The boot protects the ankle when balancing on a single blade.

The difference between recreational and aggressive skates for ice-skating or roller-skating is how they are made and how they actually handle. 

The need for Aggressive Skates

Hockey is one of the most popular sports, and here your skate has to be sturdy and flexible at the same time. Aggressive skates are made differently than ones used for leisure. As they take a tremendous amount of pounding, they do need to be strongly built to protect both your feet and ankles.

Roller blades when used in racing competitions are another example of an aggressive type of skate. This type of skate has to have the mobility needed to maneuver turns quickly and be able to perform under hot temperatures too.

To avoid injury again a critical component is to have a skate that fits well and is robust enough to withstand even the roughest of terrain.

Also bear in mind that you will need to break these skates in slowly to avoid painful blisters and chafing.

Seeking Help?

When you're looking to hire or buy, its' best to seek the help and advice of an expert skater.

Your local hire shop may well have the necessary expertise to provide you with what you need.

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They will be best placed to advise on finding the perfect fitting recreational and aggressive skates for what you will be doing.

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