ROTC: An Alternative For College Financing

ROTC: An Alternative For College Financing

Often, people resort to student loans [] both federal and private to finance college studies. However, it is not always possible to qualify for these loans [] or even repay them. Therefore, one should always consider the alternatives that are available. As regards to ROTC, it is not a method that would be used by everyone, but those who are interested on military tradition and service may want to analyze its benefits.

What Does ROTC Stand For?

Reserve Officers' Training Corps are programs college based for commissioning officers on the armed forces. These programs focus on leadership development, problem solving, strategic planning and professional ethics and tend to provide the armies with better instructed officers while providing the applicants with low cost college studies and a career of their choice free of debt when they graduate.

One of the reasons that make these programs so attractive is that almost all universities have ROTC dependencies thus providing a solution to college funding needs almost for all available careers regardless of the college chosen. In exchange for the funding the officer needs to perform certain tasks for the forces which require little to no sacrifice.

Active Duty Can Be Postponed

One of the most interesting characteristics of this program is that the applicant, the soldier, does not need to perform active duty tasks till after graduation if he or she wants to. During the course of their career, the applicants have nothing to worry about since the forces take care of all college payments so the student can concentrate on finishing his or her career.

After graduation, the applicant is required to perform an average of four years of active duty in the military. Also, during the course of the studies they may be required to spend some weekends at camp training and receiving occasional instruction to be prepared and maintain certain fit to be on top form to serve in the military once the college part of the agreement is over and the active duty part begins.

Commitment And Reckoning

Of course, these programs require an important commitment and a conscious decision on behalf of the applicant. By applying you are agreeing to join the forces and perform in active duty for an average of four years of service with all that servicing in the military forces implies. Therefore, you should be completely sure about your desire to join this program prior to applying.

Reckoning the fact that the forces are paying for your education and the need to pay it back with service is essential to understand how these programs work. ROTC is based on the concepts of specialization and retribution. The applicant obtains education for free and the forces obtain specialized aid from a professional whose education they have paid for and that creates a special bond of faithfulness and commitment. Moreover, most of the members of the forces that join the military this way end up developing a career within the forces with great returns for their future in terms of intellectual growth and personal development as well as profits in future ventures or business projects.

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