Skating Rink Etiquette

All it really takes is a bit of common sense and attention to basic #regulations to be up-to-date on proper skating rink #etiquette.

Most #skating rinks will have rules posted in plain sight. Make a point of reading them especially if you've never been to that rink before. There might be rules specific to that rink only, so even if you've been to other indoor skating facilities, you should read those regulations.

Be sure to tighten your skate laces as tight as you can. Skates that are too loose can cause a lack of proper control out on the ice. If they are too tight and cause you discomfort you can always loosen them a little. Be sure there are no long lace-ends that might catch under your skate blades. The same applies to scarves and pant cuffs that might end up close to the ice and cause an accident.

As a rule, beginners should stay close to the wall on the outside of the rink. Normally the more experienced skaters will skate from the middle to the inside corner of the ice surface.

It's a very bad idea to weave around slower skaters who are close to the outside boards. If you are good skater you should not be skating anywhere near the slower skaters.

Don't take food or drinks out on the ice and don't drop paper or foreign objects of any type on the ice surface.

Everyone "must" skate in the same direction. To do otherwise could cause someone severe injury. Normally skaters will circle in a counter-clockwise direction.

It's very important to not push or tug at people out on the ice as this can cause serious accidents. Skate blades are very sharp and can be dangerous if someone is pushed to the ice or loses control and runs into another skater.

If you begin to tire be sure to stop skating for a while and have a rest. Skating while you are over-tired can cause you to lose control and injure yourself or someone else. It's much the same way downhill skiers are most likely to be involved in a bad fall or accident when they try and do that "one last run" of the day when they are most tired.

With just a little common sense and courtesy toward others, skating in a public rink can be a good time and fun for the whole family.

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