Timber Recycling: How to Choose Recycled Wood

Timber Recycling: How to Choose Recycled Wood

Reclaimed wood may just be the perfect building material for the next project you will work on. It is adaptable, strong, and eco-friendly. Recycled wood could be give you a nice rustic look, or it could be milled again to get a new finish. And it can also save you a significant amount of money. The following are some tips on how to find, select, and work with recycled timber:

1. Get the reclaimed wood straight from its source. Often, you can get recycled wood at a very low price. Begin by visiting a demolition site. You might be allowed to look around and select pieces of wood you want, and if you get too lucky, you might get them for free! Sometimes, demolition companies have arrangements to sell reclaimed wood in bulk at a very cheap price, so they are usually willing to give the timber to you if you transport it yourself.

2. Ask the dealer about the history of the wood. Ask where the recycled timber came from, what its grading is, how it's been stored, and other questions about the wood's background. The information you get will help you decide if the wood is right for a certain project or not. If you find out that the reclaimed wood came from an iconic building or a historic warehouse, you're adding a great layer of character to the project you'll be working on and even increase its value.

3. Check if there are nails or other metal pieces embedded in the wood. Make sure your dealer gets rid of all nails and other bits of metal from the timber you are buying. Also, you must visually inspect all the wood yourself to ensure that it is suitable for your needs. If you notice a black or blue stain on the timber's surface, this could be an indication that there is some type of metal underneath.

4. Choose recycled timber that has not been painted. Choosing wood that has been painted and then sanding the paint off is a huge mistake many people make. This could present risks as old paint sometimes have lead and other harmful chemicals that could become airborne during the process of sanding. The paint could also seep into the timber and remains there even when the paint is removed. So, it's better to get timber that was not painted..

5. Allow the wood to get used to moisture. Prior to starting constructing using reclaimed wood, make sure you clean it well and put it in a room where you will be applying it. The moisture present in the air will cause the timber to crack, bend, and warp. Putting the wood in the room in advance gives it the chance to warp a bit and settle before it's installed. This helps prevent the timber from warping later on, sparing you tons of hassles.


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