Which is Better - Paid Or Free Web Directories?

There are thousands of human edited Web directories in the internet today although many are exiting this niche or business, new directories are being put up as each day passes by. Despite having so many Web directories to choose from at the end you will come up with two types of them, a paid and a free one and you might ask yourself which is better among them? Although both directories provide quality backlinks, there are differences between them and let me share my opinion regarding which is better among the two.

The Bad and Good About Paid Directories

I apologize for starting negatively but the bad thing about paid directories is of course you have to pay for your site to be reviewed. Some directories give you the option to be listed annually or permanently and will charge you a higher cost if you choose the latter. While others will let you choose either regular or featured listing but both will be permanent. Now, the good thing about paying for review and listing fees is you get an assurance on how long the review will take.

It may take within 24 hours or up to 7 days, but the important thing is you have an idea for a short period of time whether your submission will be accepted or rejected. Your payment will also assure you that your listing most likely will remain permanent for the duration of period you chose as long as you abide by their guidelines and Terms of Service (TOS). A part of the proceeds from review and listing fees will be used for the promotion of the directory so it is most likely that most paid directories are promoted well in the Web.

The Good and Bad About Free Directories

The best thing about free directories is of course they are free and will cost you nothing. All you have to do is find the best category, read their submission guidelines and TOS, fill up their form and you're done. Now, the waiting part if your site will be approved or not is the bad thing about choosing a free one from a paid one. You won't have any idea if your submission will be approved in a few days, weeks, or months and worse most will not inform you if your submission is rejected although there free directories who approve very fast, you will be fortunate to find one. Another thing to worry about free directories is your listing is not likely to be permanent and can be removed anytime by the administrator without any worry of breaking any agreements or having any monetary liability.

Free vs. Paid Directories

Dmoz.org one of the oldest and respected Web directory is accepting free submission. Having your site listed in this free directory definitely will help boost your site's rank. But having your site listed to this directory is very difficult. It could take months before your submission is accepted or you may as well assume your submission was rejected if your site is not listed after more than six months have passed. On the other hand, Yahoo Directory, a paid directory will guarantee review of your site within 7 working days and will inform you if your site is approved or not. Everything said are not all conclusive, and whether you choose a free or paid one remember both of them will provide you quality backlinks.

So depending on your website, products, services, competition and budget, if your need is immediate, use paid Web directories to save time and immediately start promoting your site. On the other hand, if your need is not immediate, there are many reputable free directories out there where you can reap the same benefits for your website's promotion and SEO. Lastly, keep in mind, whether paid or free Web directories, acceptance of your website is not guaranteed. By adhering strictly to submission guidelines and by having a website with quality, this will definitely increase your chances of acceptance.


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