Criticism and Theory

The Evolution and Possibilities of Literary Criticism

Literary criticism is defined as the study and interpretation of literature. There are many schools of literary criticism including the medieval, Renaissance, 19th century and new criticism. Literary criticism is often influenced by literary theory; nonetheless literary critics have not always been theorists.
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Government Grants Within The United States Humanities Sector

The humanities are defined as academic disciplines that primarily study the human condition. It includes the study of Archaeology, Comparative Religion, Ethics, History, Languages & Linguistics, Literature, Jurisprudence, Philosophy, History, Theory, and Criticism of the Arts, and finally Aspects of the Social Sciences Which Use Historical or...
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Robert J. Loescher - A Greater Art History Professor There Never Was!

Robert J. Loescher was the director for art history, theory and criticism at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He was the most stimulating and illuminating professor of Art History that I have ever known.  As a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where I majored in Drawing & Painting I took a number of Art...
Dec 30, 2014 |

Theory Of The Nude In Art

My friends and family often ask me why so many artists paint (as they say) "naked people". Some think that the nude is only pornography, while others just think that it's out-dated in the art world. Most artists will tell you something along the lines of "we don't see them as 'naked' we just see beauty". Though this may be true, it doesn't answer...
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Site dedicated to the art of film sound design and film sound theory. Presents articles, glossaries, and theoretical texts.
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Movie 666

Offers alternative and progressive movie criticism, film reviews, parody posters, and humor.
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The Film Journal

Publication dedicated to passionate and informed film criticism based on the perspectives of an auteur.
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Center for Art and Visual Culture

Nonprofit organization conducts studies in contemporary art and visual culture, critical theory, art and cutural history, criticism, and the relationship between society and the arts.
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Web journal from Quebec whose main interest is in publishing bilingual and eclectic film criticism, theory and scholarship.
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The story behind DC Diaper Bank, a resource for parents

Corinne Cannon remembers well an especially challenging night when her first child, Jack, was an infant. The evening prompted Ms. Cannon to consider her own situation in the context of other... Read More

How strongly is NATO ally Turkey pivoting to Russia and Iran?

Setting aside years of increasing Turkey-US hostility, President Trump’s introductory remarks for the cameras were glowing as he met Turkey’s controversial President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan... Read More

Why the Supreme Court is rarely in the dock

Polls of Americans consistently show they put more trust in the Supreme Court than in the two elected branches of government (Congress and the presidency). Now a new poll may explain why the high... Read More