Is Using a Live Model or a Photo Reference Best When Drawing Portraits?

Before the invention of photography artists always had their subjects model for them in order to draw or paint their portraits. This practice is very deep in the tradition of portraiture. Of course, after photography became available artists' options for creating portraits were expanded. This included using photography as the final medium, as well...
Dec 30, 2014 |

How to Take Good Reference Photos for Line Art Illustrations

The old saying "garbage in, garbage out" applies to reference photos for line art illustrations. If the quality of the reference photo isn't very good, the artist is going to have trouble discerning the detail they need to make a high quality image. One of the earmarks of line illustration is sharp detail.
Dec 30, 2014 |

Reference Image Modeling With Maya

Reference image 3d modeling technique is to help modelers speed up their modeling process by drawing over their reference images or designs accurately. With just 5 to 10 minutes to insert a reference image before starting to model a 3D object, you speeds up your production by 5 times or more! 3D modeling using reference is important and critical...
Nov 28, 2014 |

Reference Articles: Making Music

Article provides information and access to composers, collectors and lyricists, musical instruments, music of countries and culture and from historical periods.
May 11, 2016 |

Preschool Education Art

Featuring a collection of preschool arts and crafts, including animals, back to school, health, nature, holidays, and seasons.
Apr 6, 2016 |

University of Arts in Belgrade

Arts university provides details of faculties including music, fine arts, applied arts and drama. Includes a mission statement, programs and information on the summer art school.
Apr 6, 2016 |

Post Memorial Art Reference Library

Independent library maintains collections of non-circulating references.
Mar 11, 2016 |

Publisher and distributor of art reference books and original prints and posters. Also sells antiquarian books and ephemera.
Mar 11, 2016 |

Arts and technology information portal. With arts and culture information, list of interesting places and information library.
Mar 11, 2016 |

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Online reference to the University’s visual art undergrad and graduate programs.
Mar 11, 2016 |

The story behind DC Diaper Bank, a resource for parents

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