Rikon 25-130H HSS Helical Head Portable Planer 13 inch

Rikon's new 25-130H 13" thickness planer with helical-style cutterhead is a beefy benchtop unit designed to perform reliably either at your workshop or job site. The unit comes with 26 two-sided HSS indexed cutting inserts arranged in straight rows in a staggered pattern around the cutterhead in a way that greatly reduces noise as well as improving chip removal compared to planer knives mounted in a conventional cutterhead. Note that the cutting edges are NOT positioned at a shear angle to the stock on this cutterhead.
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Mike Strong :
Got this on sale at Woodcraft...thought the helical head was reasonably priced. Packaged well with detailed instructions. Dust collector has a 4" side and a 2 1/2" side. I used the 2 1/2" side and had no problems. Like all planers, it's not quiet, but that's to be expected. Ran a 2x4 repeatedly till I got to the 1 1/4" stop...which was on the money. It has several incremental stops for ease of use. The dust collector hood does get in the way of folding up the table but not a big deal to me at all. The 2x4 I tested did leave a couple inches of a small amount of snipe, but any good woodworker knows to plane before cutting to size. Helical cutter heads are reversible and you can order either steel or carbide replacements and the planer has a place in back to store spare cutters. All in all I'm very happy with this planer.
2016-01-26 07:25:16

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