Courier Network News - Don't Be an Unwitting Accomplice to Crime

A courier network is an excellent (in fact the best) place to get a steady stream of work, especially when it comes to rush jobs. These networks can, however, be used by criminals and fraudsters to find unwitting accomplices. This can be especially problematic as drivers are relied upon for their discretion, speedy deliveries and focus on getting...
Jan 13, 2015 |

Cyberbullying, Trolling, and Cyberstalking: The Dark Side of Free Speech. Pt 1: What Is Free Speech?

To listen to, read, or watch the news, it is clear that there is broad misunderstanding about the right to free speech. It is not the freedom to say anything to anyone anywhere, but rather a prohibition to keep the government from denying us the right to express ourselves. The Bill of Rights asserts that we have certain freedoms simply by dint of...
Dec 24, 2014 |

Crime Scene Cleaner - The Journey to Becoming One

Crime scene cleaners are usually called upon by the families of violent crime victims to restore a property to its former condition prior to the unfortunate crime taking place. The most common scenarios where crime scene cleanup is needed in methamphetamine labs as well as other narcotics labs and places where violent death has occurred. These...
Dec 24, 2014 |

Wildlife Trafficking Is a Serious Issue

Wildlife trafficking is a very serious issue that continues to exist in the world. Illegal trade of wild animals and their body parts is an international criminal trade which is worth approximately $20 billion annually. The ever increasing demand of products made from wild animals has put many animal species such as the rhinoceros, elephants and...
Dec 24, 2014 |

Immigration and Identity Theft - Are You a Victim?

Five million illegal immigrants are given a free-pass and not deported. Really? My question is this; how many of these people (or their parents) have fake or stolen identities? If a person is living in the United States "illegally" would it not be right for a thorough investigation to find out if they used stolen identity to get here, stay here...
Dec 24, 2014 |

Computer Crime Research Center

News, updates, and articles on computer crime, Internet fraud, and cyber terrorism.
May 11, 2016 |

Hampton Roads

Shows news releases and forums relevant to crime in the area.
May 11, 2016 |

Crime News 2000

Daily updates of crimes from around the world.
May 11, 2016 |

The Crime Time News

News weblog about crime from all over the world.
Apr 4, 2016 |

Remembering '85, Mexico City public leaps into quake rescue

Baruch García stood at an intersection Tuesday afternoon after a deadly earthquake, trying to direct traffic away from a road cutting through La Condesa’s lush Parque México. On the other side of... Read More

Lessons in identity from Kurds and Catalans

One of the defining challenges in the 21st century has been how to balance demands for independence by certain peoples with the sanctity of national borders. Just in the coming days alone, two... Read More

Kremlin frets as Russia's once restive Islamist region takes up political Islam

Russia fought two bloody wars in its Caucasus republic of Chechnya, ostensibly to crush an emerging threat of Islamist extremism on its own soil. Mr. Kadyrov is imposing sharia (Islamic law) on... Read More